closely observed . . . Images by Andrew Easterday-Pearce


I have been an active (and avid) user of a camera since I was was old enough to hold one and still remember my first, an ancient Kodak affair that was little more than a tin box with a tiny fixed lens and a spring loaded single speed shutter. I think my grandad had used it in the war (possibly the Crimea War). It took Black and White roll film and the image quality was terrible. It was enough to get me hooked though, and by the time I was in my early teens, my persistent whining paid off and my parents presented me with a Yashika TL Electro. My first SLR and the first machine that I was able to get a decently focussed and exposed shot upon.

Over the years I upgraded to Olympus, and with the advent of digital image capture, settled on Nikon which is what I use today.

You are going to find all sorts of images here, from portraits and landscapes to bands and classic cars. And of course my first love, trains and railroads. There is a semblance of order which should become apparent under the subject headings

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